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BIKIND DIY Jewellery Kit
BIKIND DIY Jewellery Kit for kids
fun diy jewellery kit box from bikind made especially for hop like a bunny for kids
fun and cool diy jewellery kit with different beads and string for kids from bikind made especially for hop like a bunny

BIKIND DIY Jewellery Kit

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Take a look at this cool DIY Jewellery Kit from BIKIND! A DIY kit that is fun for everyone in the family, the younger members and the older ones. Make jewellery for yourself or for someone else as a beautiful gift to give away. The DIY Jewellery Kit is an item from BIKIND that is made especially for Hop Like a Bunny and is only available to buy online or in our shop!

Please keep out of reach of small children.

- Non-toxic highly durable plastic beads
- Multiple different colours, sizes and shapes of beads
- String
Colours may vary slightly from the pictures