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Djeco Magic Plastic
Djeco Magic Plastic Sweet Treats

Djeco Magic Plastic

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Shrinkies, Shrinky Dinks, or as Djeco call it, Magic Plastic are loved by children. The Magic Plastic sets from Djeco are designed to make fun characters to play with alongside the background scene or you can make really individual jewellery.  Birthday party presents that are just that little bit more thoughtful. 

Simply trace onto the magic plastic, colour and cut out before placing in the oven. In no time at all, they will shrink before your eyes and be ready to play with or use to create pieces of jewellery.

Includes: There are two sheets of magic plastic with 17 charms, a metal necklace, 25 metal links for the charms, two chain clasps and a brooch pin.
Recommended age: 7-13 years