ElfaBase Hello Kitty Lamp
ElfaBase Hello Kitty Lamp
ElfaBase Hello Kitty Lamp

ElfaBase Hello Kitty Lamp

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A designer lamp for girls of 45 and ladies of 5. In short , for everyone who loves Hello Kitty. Her name is Kitty White, as a tribute to the original name of Hello Kitty.

Lamp comes complete with LED module / remote control, power adapter suitable for the UK. 

Kitty White comes with a remote controlled LED-lighting. With that you can completely adjust the colour and light intensity to the style of your living- or bedroom, your mood and the occasion. That gives an extra dimension to your living room and has many advantages in a children’s room. Kitty White gives you the perfect light for reading before you go to bed, and can then be turned into a night lamp in a blink of an eye.

Made of a high-quality polyethylene, which has many advantages:
- It's Unbreakable
- It does not loose colour
- It's fully recyclable
- It's easy to clean


Size: 246 deep x 246 wide x 466 high (mm)

Weight: 1,45 KG