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Kitpas Bath Set 3 Colours
Kitpas for bath: set of three bath crayons in red, grey and yellow for kids and toddlers
Kitpas “Fun in Bath” Collection! bath crayons for kids

Kitpas Bath Set 3 Colours

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These unique Kitpas bath crayons are a great way to make bath time fun for toddlers!  It can be used to doodle on wet surfaces such as the bathtub wall or shower tiles and is easy to remove after usage! Except for being great fun it also encourages little ones' creativity.

The set comes with three crayons in red, yellow, and grey. 

- Can be used to draw on wet surfaces and wiped clean when done
- Comes with a case with a drainage hole
Designed to float, so they are always nearby if your little ones fancy a scribble.
- Made of paraffin wax
- Non-Toxic material

Recommended age: 3+ Years