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Liewood Joni Lunch Box Set
Liewood Joni Lunch Box Set

Liewood Joni Lunch Box Set

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The Joni Lunch Box Set is a convenient combi of our Arthur Lunch Box and Anker Water Bottle - an ideal kit for school children.

Arthur Lunch Box:
 Material – base: Stainless steel
 Material – lid: 100% silicone
 Does not absorb colour or scent from its contents
 Available with either cat or bear-shaped lid in cute colours
 Holds approximately 900 ml.
Note: The lunch box should not be used to store liquids if placed non-horizontally.

Anker Water Bottle:
 Material: Stainless stell
 Keeps liquids cold for up to 24 hours
 Keeps liquids hot for up to 12 hours
 Leak free
 Available with sports lid
 Perfect for little hands to hold
 Lid has a handle and can easily be attached to a bag or the pram
 Capacity: 350 ml
Note: the Anker bottle will be delivered with the sport lid only.

Colour: Mr bear mustard/panda light grey mix
Quality: Stainless steel
Water bottle: D: 7cm. H: 17cm. V:350ml.
Lunch box: H: 5.5cm x W: 13.5cm x L: 17cm x V:900 ml