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Beauty set for children from Nailmatic KIDs

Nailmatic Pretty Building

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Take your youngsters on a city strolling with Nailmatic KIDs! Each level reveals a beauty treasure: lip gloss upstairs, water-based polish in the middle and glitter body gel downstairs, little monsters are all set to go have fun! Fruity attractions and glitters all along the way with this magic trio…  

Vegan, Cruelty-free, Made in France. 

Naimlatic KIDs nail polishes: 
54% water, vegan, cruelty-free.  
We chose a preservative commonly used in organic products (as in COSMOS certified): benzoate sodium. A friendly yet efficient ingredient that occurs naturally in apples, prunes and plums. 
Do they want to change and try a new colour? Easy: it’s washable with soapy lukewarm water. 

Nailmatic KIDs lip gloss: 
Colourless, natural and fruity lip gloss!
Based on apricot kernel oil, its magic formula contains 97% of ingredients of natural origin. 
Enriched with vitamin E + Omega 6 and 9 to moisturise the lips. 

Nailmatic KIDs body gel: 
Formulated with aloe vera, ensuring hydrating properties. 
90% ingrédients of natural origin. 
Body Rollette can be applied on the body (legs, arms, etc) but not on the face, as this sensitive zone requires specific products. Each skin is unique: even if our body gels are dermatologically tested, we recommend that you run a test on a neutral zone (think forearms).