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Poppik My First Stickers Animals
Toddler sticker cards from Poppik in an animal theme.

Poppik My First Stickers Animals

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Toddler sticker cards from Poppik in an animal theme. 

Toddlers finally have their first stickers, easy to grip and use! An activity that does not stain and allows the child to work with their hands. This activity has been designed for young children from 2 years old. At an age where you start to manipulate with precision, playing with stickers is a great exercise in fine motor skills.

Catching, sticking and taking off: children will enjoy the game and enjoy concentrating for long minutes. If the child manages to locate the right places to place the stickers (with the help of an adult for the youngest), they then make 6 very pretty decorations to display in their room. These cards illustrate animals with stickers in different shapes of animals and their surroundings.  

Content: 6 cards  (18 x 18 cm) + 96 stickers (3 planches)

Recommended Age: 2+ Years

Removable stickers