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Rosajou Hearts Ring
Rosajou Hearts Ring for kids
adjustable size ring with two little hearts from rosajou for kids
adjustable size ring with cute pink hearts for kids from rosajou

Rosajou Hearts Ring

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This gold-plated brass and pink enamel Hearts Ring from Rosajou is an absolute dream, and with a pretty Rosajou manicure the result is even more beautiful!

- Two little hearts in pale pink and hot pink
- Adjustable size
- Presented in a cute cardboard box
- Designed for children

Adjustable from approximately 46 to 51 (equivalent to a diameter of 14.4 mm to 16.2 mm). Each heart measures 5 mm.

Brass dipped in a gold bath and enamelled for the coloured parts. All Rosajou's jewellery has a protective varnish applied at the end of the manufacturing process. It does not blacken and it does not contain any allergenic substances. Soft edges and rims specially designed for children: non prickly, non sharp.

To enjoy your Rosajou jewellery for a long time, here are some tips:

- The jewellery love to be worn and when they are left alone, it is best to store them in their little box where they feel safe and dry.

- They don't like water, creams and perfumes, but don't panic if they come into contact with them, wipe them gently with a soft cloth.

- To keep their shine for as long as possible, it's best to put them aside while washing and bathing.