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Kitpas Dustless Art Chalk
Art Chalk for children from Kitpas
Kitpas Dustless Art Chalk
Kitpas Dustless Art Chalk
Chalk pens for kids from kitpas

Kitpas Rikagaku Dustless Art Chalk

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A set of 12 Kitpas Art Chalk
Rikagaku dustless chalks from the manufacturer of Kitpas Art Crayons  

- Dustless coloured chalks which don't make a mess 

- Eco Friendly and made from discarded scallop seashells and calcium carbonate

- Non-Toxic material

- Writes smoothly and erases well

- Thinner than regular Kitpas Chalk

- Recommended for children ages 3 years old above, perfect for little ones to practice their writing and drawing 

- Made in Japan