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Oli&Carol DIY Ana the Banana
Oli&Carol DIY Ana the Banana
Oli&Carol DIY Ana Banana
DIY Ana the Banana
DIY Ana Banana
Oli&Carol DIY Ana the Banana
Oli&Carol DIY Ana the Banana
Oli&Carol DIY Ana the Banana

Oli&Carol DIY Ana the Banana

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The DIY Ana Banana is the new sewing kit for children from Oli&Carol that allows them to handcraft their own unique banana-shaped textile DIY toy in a fun activity while enjoying family time. 

The Do It Yourself educational toys develop 
sensory stimulationfree-thinkingself-expressionimagination and creativity in children aged 6+. Each DIY textile toy is perfect as a gift for children aged 6 to 12! Discover the whole Do it Yourself family.

- Say yes to more family quality time
- Say yes to textile, natural and plastic-free toys
- Say yes to educational toys and reducing kids exposure to screens
- Say yes to creating your own & unique DIY textile toys
- Say yes to activities to encourage children's creativity

Kit includes: a canvas to cut out each element, threads, a natural recycled cotton bag and a needle to assemble your fruit and vegetables!


- More than a packaging: Children can customize each box by sewing the name of each design and reusing the box to store treasures.

- An activity to promote children's creativity: DIY textile toys from the Do It Yourself collection will develop sensory stimulation, free-thinking, self-expression, imagination and creativity in children from 6 years old.

Handmade: Each DIY kit is handmade, one by one, by women artisans from northern India.

Natural cotton: We always choose natural. Each DIY sewing kit is designed to make a textile toy out of natural cotton and materials that are totally respectful of the environment.

Circular Economy: We want to give something back to our planet by choosing 100% natural materials, fair trade practices and promoting these messages with our community.